Loyalty® packs years of experience into standard-setting programs to retrieve economy & flexibility
while remaining right on cue for quality, professionalism and care!  Our services are an ideal option
for a wide exercise, socialization, enrichment and vacation care for your furry family and Loyalty's
registration process includes a professional evaluation that will help discern the best choice for you.  
Loyalty® charges a one-time
$35.00 New Client Registration fee only after a successful
evaluation & you choose us as your care provider.  The in-home registration meeting with our team
(with at a minimum a manager and your primary care provider) is free of charge if you choose not to
move forward.  For the comfort of you and your pet and the safety of our employees, the in-home
registration meeting is required before services can commence.

Dog Walking Daily & Monthly
Superior Communication With A Well Managed Team.  As with all Loyalty® services, our clients
enjoy a primary care provider for their mid day dog walks.  We build a relationship with your unique
dog(s) that having a steady stream of strangers can't replicate.  We all know, our pets have minds
of their own!  Your dog(s) receive the same walker each day, and when that person is sick or has a
vacation, a manager and one additional team member who walks a route nearby, are both familiar
with you, your dog(s) and home - and whom you and your dogs have met in person - standing
strong in support of easy problem free service.  Our Walk Team additionally is supervised by our
talented Walk Team Field Manager who is your point person for day to day updates, cancellations,
service requests, special concerns - you name it - and who ensures that your walker performs
service with care and accuracy, no matter what changes are taking place!  Our entire team are
equipped with smart phones which enable them to report the time a walk is started and when the
walk is completed.  They also leave loving, detailed narrative notes in our signature Loyalty® Journal
at your home for your review at the end of the day and we often inspire a sigh of relief at the end of
our clients work day when they read about funny little things that they thought their dog only did
with them!  We wrote the book on being a Team - and the result is no shortened walks, no tardy
arrivals, dogs who are happy to see us because they KNOW us, and clients who at the end of the
day, can relax because they know we deeply care that the stress of their days does not include
worry about their best friend.  

Daily Walking.  Our FlexWalk™ Program allows for great flexibility in choosing specific dates or
days of the week - FlexWalk™ is most appropriate for those interested in part week schedules, or
those who may not know their schedule in full calendar month increments.  You choose a length, to
be performed within a consistent two-hour time block between 10AM and 4PM Monday through
Friday.  Walks that are cancelled by 4PM the business day prior are credited to your balance and will
be applied to your next project, up to three (3) total cancellations per calendar month.  Holidays are
excluded but may be added in at 1.5x rates.  30-minute, 45-minute and 60-minute walks can be
scheduled outside of the 10AM to 4PM time frame.  There is a last minute surcharge of $15.00 for
mid day walks added after the close of our monthly scheduling period with less than 24-hours
notice.  There is a last minute surcharge of $25.00 for weekend/evening add on walks requested
with less than 5 business days notice.  
Starting at $17.98 per visit, see rates at left.

Monthly Walking.
 Our LoyalWalk™ Program is designed for the active household where a long
term commitment to a daily walk will greatly relieve both wet and dry noses alike.  Automatically
recurring flat monthly rate payments are set up to run on the 25th of each month, in advance for
the upcoming month of walks.  A minimum three-month commitment is required to qualify.  Due to
the discounted flat-rate nature of this program there are no credits or refunds for individual walks
not used.  Select a regular visit length, to be performed within any two-hour time block between
10AM and 4PM Monday through Friday.  Holidays are excluded but may be added in at 1.5x rates.  
Packages start at $279.98 per month, see rates at left.

New Puppy?  Puppy Prompt™!
Loyalty® makes bringing your new puppy home a much easier process through our new pet parent
orientation meeting and simple routine of crate confinement & focused potty breaks, basic handling
exercises & strategic feeding for foundation work on "sit" &"down" cues.  Our simple structure of
this service instills a readiness to learn in your newest family member while also expediting their
house training and alleviating your anxiety, enabling you to return to work, without worry. Unlike our
standard services which are delivered on two-hour windows, PuppyPrompt™ visits are delivered on
one-hour time blocks, twice per day until your puppy matures! Select a regular visit length*, to be
performed within one or two one-hour time blocks between 10AM and 4PM Monday through Friday.  
Holidays are excluded but may be added in at 1.5x rates.  You will add $2 per visit to our Daily
FlexWalk Rates, or $50 per month to our Monthly LoyalWalk Rates.
Packages start at $329.98
per month for once per day & $599.96 per month for twice per day, see rates at left.  
*Some restrictions may apply to the visit length as qualified by your home's Access

Traveling?  The HouseWarmer™!

Direct Access.  When on travel, Loyalty® clients enjoy direct communication with our staff: the
individual entering into, caring for and forming a strong, long-term relationship with your pet.  
Access to your staff via email, text or phone, begins three days prior to your first scheduled visit
and doesn't end until you have arrived home to a happy, healthy, contented pet!  And if there are
any issues that arise, at any time an employee is in the field, a manager is engaged and available to
support her or him, or you, in any question - big or small.
 $15.00 per project Booking PDC &
Communication fee applies.

The House Warmer™
For adult dogs (1 year and older) who are happy at home on a regular basis, Loyalty's House
Warmer™ is the ideal option.   Loyalty's House Warmer™ dogs enjoy no change in environment,
and relief from the emotional stress that kennel environments can cause.  Our services, delivered
consistently on the same schedule three to four times per day, by our small consistent staff with
whom your dog(s) bond closely are the least stressful, most successful alternatives to your being
home.  Loyalty® care givers feed and water, walk, exercise, socialize and love your companion with
routine attention also paid to your home's upkeep and security.  This is a 30-minute visit dependent
upon needs and circumstances.  All pets must pass our pre-care evaluation and be of reasonably
good health prior to service.  We require all dogs are visited a minimum of three times per full  24-
hour day you are gone.  We do reserve the right to limit the duration of service on a case-by-case
basis and we do recommend a short one- to two-day trial project if your dog has never stayed at
home alone before.  We're sorry, but crated dogs are not eligible for this service due to inadequate
exercise when confined for such a long time period.  
$28.98 per visit, parking, medication or
other fees may apply.
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9 - 11
1 - 8
All rates include up to two dogs who walk well
together.  Please add $2 per visit for
PuppyPrompt, or for
each dog requiring individual attention or special
needs circumstances.
Flat Monthly
1 visit per
2 visits per
All rates include up to two dogs who walk well together.  Please add $50 per
month for PuppyPrompt, or each additional dog
requiring individual attention or special needs circumstances.