Loyalty® packs years of experience into
standard-setting programs to retrieve economy
& flexibility while remaining right on cue for
quality, professionalism and care!  Our services
are an ideal option for a wide exercise,
socialization, enrichment and vacation care for
your furry family and Loyalty's registration
process includes a professional evaluation that
will help discern the best choice for you.  
Loyalty® charges a one-time
$35.00 New
Client Registration fee
only after a successful
evaluation & you choose us as your care
provider.  The in-home registration meeting with
our team (with at a minimum a manager and
your primary care provider) is free of charge if
you choose not to move forward.  For the
comfort of you and your pet and the safety of
our employees, the in-home registration
meeting is required before services can

Walk Program                Sit Program
Dog Walking
New Puppy
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