Loyalty® packs years of experience into standard-setting programs to
retrieve economy & flexibility while remaining right on cue for quality,
professionalism and care!  Our services are an ideal option for a wide
exercise, socialization, enrichment and vacation care for your furry family
and Loyalty's registration process includes a professional evaluation that
will help discern the best choice for you.  Loyalty® charges a one-time
$35.00 New Client Registration fee only after a successful evaluation &
you choose us as your care provider.  The in-home registration meeting
with our team (with at a minimum a manager and your primary care
provider) is free of charge if you choose not to move forward.  For the
comfort of you and your pet and the safety of our employees, the in-home
registration meeting is required before services can commence.

New Puppy?  Puppy Prompt™!
Building on our Daily FlexWalk or Monthly LoyalWalk Mid Day Contracts,
Puppy Prompt Service with Loyalty® makes bringing your new puppy
home a much easier process.  Through our new pet parent orientation
meeting and simple routine of crate confinement & focused potty breaks,
basic handling exercises & strategic feeding for foundation work on "sit" &"
down" cues.  Our simple structure of this service instills a readiness to
learn in your newest family member while also expediting their house
training and alleviating your anxiety, enabling you to return to work,
without worry. Unlike our standard services which are delivered on two-
hour windows, PuppyPrompt™ visits are delivered on
one-hour time
, twice per day until your puppy matures! Select a regular visit
length* from our Dog Walking Menus, to be performed within one or two
one-hour time blocks between 10AM and 4PM Monday through Friday.  
Holidays are excluded but may be added in at 1.5x rates.  You will add $2
per visit to our Daily FlexWalk Rates, or $50 per month to our Monthly
LoyalWalk Rates.
Packages start at $329.98 per month for once per
day & $599.96 per month for twice per day, see rates at left.  
*Some restrictions may apply to the visit length as qualified by
your home's Access Agreement.
9 - 11
1 - 8
All rates include up to two dogs who walk well
together.  Please add $2 per visit for
PuppyPrompt, or for
each dog requiring individual attention or special
needs circumstances.
Flat Monthly
1 visit per
2 visits per
All rates include up to two dogs who walk well together.  Please add $50 per
month for PuppyPrompt, or each additional dog
requiring individual attention or special needs circumstances.