At this stage, we've chatted about Loyalty's short and long term availability to meet your very specific pet care needs!
Our online registration is quick and easy.  You will
a. provide us detailed information and b. read and agree to our
company policy agreement
- together these components serve as our formal contract for services.  Once you've
accomplished this, we will develop a mock project schedule/invoice so that you can see what the maximum costs may be
for your particular needs - all in advance to any formal final commitment and you will have ample opportunity for review.  
HERE to begin!

The In Home Registration is a relaxed but dedicated meeting with all pets and primary caregivers present, where your
attention is focused solely on us. Two Loyalty caregivers will be present for this meeting - one will be your assigned
primary caregiver, the other will be their backup in the event they are ever unavailable when you book a project!  We will
review the information you've provided - clarifying any questions we may have, test all keys required for entry, and
complete any property management paperwork for folks who live in managed properties.  You will familiarize us with your
home while your pets familiarize themselves with us!  We will discuss Loyalty's policies and procedures and answer any
questions that you may have.