Loyalty's Common Sense Holistic
Only you, in partnership with your veterinarian, can determine what foods, supplements and medical treatments are appropriate
and safe for your pet.  When Loyalty Staff provide care to your pet, it is always under your explicit direction only. Because we
devote our days to the care of cats and dogs, we are often asked our opinions on a wide variety of services, products and
resources.  Loyalty advocates a blend of traditional and holistic approaches to pet care, with a lot of common sense joining the
two.  The links provided here are recommended sites, products, and services found to be helpful and eye opening to us on our own
journey as pet guardians, and we hope they help you too.  
Local Retailers
Local Veterinary Professionals
Adopt a cat or dog
Let's start at the beginning.  When it comes to finding a new companion animal, the chicken comes before the egg.  Millions of chickens in fact.  Pure
breeds and mixed breeds, puppies and kittens, big and small, rescues and shelters have the exact pet you are searching for and counselors, trainers
and behaviorists at the ready to ensure that you and your new friend are a perfect fit!  There are no excuses.  You want a puppy, with a little
patience you'll find the love of your life!
There are so many wonderful veterinarians in the DC Metro Area.  The vets we list here
meet one or all of three important criteria: they are our vet, at least one vet on staff
incorporates holistic philosophies into their practice, or they are utilized happily by a huge
majority of our clients. Don't be afraid to interview, ask questions, meet potential
veterinarians.  As with any service provider, the single most important thing is finding the
right "fit."  
The greatest grooming outfit in the entire DC Metro Area.  
Located in Falls Church, Luke and his team are known for the
high quality of their work - even with difficult dogs and breeds -
and the deep love for one and all who walk through their door.  
Don't underestimate the importance of a good groomer!  
A fresh face in the Arlington +R Training community, K to
9 is appeasing insatiable canine brains through Dogma
hosted classes and personal sessions.
of every business decision this little engine that DID, does!   Visit them on facebook, at the