Hiring a pet care professional is a decision to bring a new person into your home and life, a person who will
play an active role in the care and wellbeing of your pet and home.  At Loyalty®, you will not find
anonymous apps.  You will experience genuine relationships grow and develop under the security of a
dedicated team of caring, trained and talented animal lovers ready and willing to become the familiar
extension of your family that your dog or cat seeks.  I have worked tirelessly for over a decade to refine our
approach to ensure consistently low turnover of our staff through careful selection, training and fostering
my team of employees.

The Loyalty® Team approach is simple.  You are assigned a primary - the person who will care for your pet
regularly, and two "backups" - one is a manager and the other a nearby team member.  Your backups
only engage if and when your primary is taking time off.  These three people are your Loyalty® Team.  The
only people authorized to enter your home and engage your pet.  And you and your pet meet, get to
know and approve all three team members, in an ongoing basis as our staff or routes grow and change
over time.

I expect the same for my own pets and home, and treasure the relationships and the trust our clients
place in our small team approach.  The comfort and safety, of you and your pet, your home's security
and our employees workplace environment are everything to us.  We are personal.  We are professional.  
We are
The Perfect Fit in Professional Pet Care™!  

Theresa Haas
Owner | General Manager
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